Cosmic Latte is an architectural and interior design firm specializing in the housing, hospitality and retail sectors. Our strength is our combination of personalities, international experiences and marked creativity, which are key elements for a personal and unconventional approach to architecture.


Cosmic Latte is an all-women’s team consisting of three architects and creative minds: a reinterpretation of architecture with a new and sustainable approach inspired by the dynamism of the cosmos.

In our Florentine base, we strive to bring together “vision” and “perception”, but also to listen to our instinct, which we consider to be as important as knowledge. Aspects, or perceptions, that may not be noticed by the naked eye might be crucial to drawing lines, curving spaces and, in turn, adding character to what we create.

The Studio was given an ambitious name, which, aside from simultaneously referring to the future and the beginning of everything – the Big Bang – is also a perfect representation of that temporal and spatial “elastic” that we perceive when our pencil meets paper, in other words, when we process the traces of yesterday and today. The color of the architectural universe that is yet to be invented is clear, open to contamination and contemporary reflections, and it changes according to the influence of different cultures, which build, destroy and immediately begin a new creative cycle.

We are professionals, each with different – and yet complementary – professional and life experiences, as well as and skills, who have joined forces to give life to a new concept of architecture: innovating without upsetting, preserving without altering and, above all, putting nature first.

Cosmic Latte Studio contributes to the creation of an innovative architectural approach, which is achieved through a collective dimension that includes a sustainable and biophilic vision of the planet: private homes, hospitality and retail residences, as well as showrooms, installations and workplaces.

Roofs, walls, stairs, streets, squares, parks, and vegetable gardens, but also interior and product design. These are urban and global challenges we tackle by venturing outside conventional frameworks, following a path that is recognized for its aesthetics, expressive capacity and originality, both in terms of conception and composition.

Beatrice Cacialli

Beatrice Cacialli was born in Florence in 1988. Architect, after a brief experience in Hong Kong at the MAP Architecture and Planning studio, she flies to Holland where she collaborates with Noa Verhofstadt as set designer/dresser…

Ylenia Cecchi

Ylenia Cecchi was born in Florence in 1988. Architect, she prefers to look at the cosmos from its nucleus, the interiors. Art and architecture merge into a single creative lymph that gives shape to ideas…

Beatrice Marazzini

Beatrice Marazzini was born in Florence in 1987. Architect, she is a meticulous Cosmic, intent on optimizing times and respecting technicalities. The Balkan temper meets the effervescence of the Sicilian people, two roots that in Beatrice form a middle ground where building well is the only possible action…