Cosmic Latte is an architectural and interior design firm specializing in the housing, hospitality and retail sectors. Our strength is our combination of personalities, international experiences and marked creativity, which are key elements for a personal and unconventional approach to architecture.


Ylenia Cecchi was born in Florence in 1988. She prefers to look at the cosmos from its core, the interior. Art and architecture merge into a single creative sap that nourished ideas. Her “cosmic” vision, which is halfway between the metaphysics of De Chirico and the real and intimate life of Hopper, adds a touch of deeply-meaningful originality and beauty to the interiors. Ylenia uses color to give character to spaces, something she inherited from her experiences in one of the most dynamic and “propulsive” cities, Berlin. The frequent trips to the German capital city added a key element to the educational baggage that feeds her quest for both stylistic development and new interpretations of contemporary interior design.

Art and architecture are at home inside you.

I was born in Florence, everything is art and architecture here. Art is the design of space, but it can also generate movement, as well as give shape to emotions. I think of Ernst’s surreal visions but also of De Chirico’s metaphysics and then Hopper’s luminous interior. My architecture is inspired by their vision: dreams give way to reality, becoming understood and ultimately functional to specific needs.

Interior or exterior?

Interior, but not all the time. Let’s say that interior spaces allow me to indulge in colors, which I use to give more emphasis to spaces. It is my signature but also an important driving force that inspires both my architectural and designing processes. I look to the future and, even if the universe is Cosmic Latte and therefore lighter in color, I believe everyone must find their own path, leaving visible signs along their path.

Where did you come up with this design approach?

I owe so much to Berlin, a laboratory city for art, design and much more. I’ve always been creative but here, aside from Bauhaus and rationalism, you can really feel a ferment of ideas, you can turn any shape into your own shapes, and see them in their totality. That’s how it was for Gestalt! Each journey adds experience that fosters the search for stylistic development and a different interpretation of what is considered contemporary in interior design.