Cosmic Latte is an architectural and interior design firm specializing in the housing, hospitality and retail sectors. Our strength is our combination of personalities, international experiences and marked creativity, which are key elements for a personal and unconventional approach to architecture.

Cosmic Energies

Cosmic Latte is an all-women’s team consisting of three architects and creative minds a reinterpretation of architecture with a new and sustainable approach inspired by the dynamism of the cosmos >>>

Cosmic Visions

Freeing one’s thoughts and getting rid of patterns. This section is dedicated to our cosmic Visions, namely those projects that have been finalized on paper but whose building operations have not started yet. The design phase is where ideas become visible, where techniques, but also inspiration and creativity, finally reveal the relation between images and what they represent. The “physical matter” doesn’t exist yet, but it has already delimited a space, a further dimension where one can recognize the unique and original identity of the architectural work. >>>

Latte Social

Real and virtual dimension.
The space for discussion is wide and feeds on our visions and your opinions.
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