Cosmic Latte is an architectural and interior design firm specializing in the housing, hospitality and retail sectors. Our strength is our combination of personalities, international experiences and marked creativity, which are key elements for a personal and unconventional approach to architecture.


Beatrice Marazzini was born in Florence in 1987. She is a very meticulous Cosmic, keen on optimizing the use of time and respecting technicalities. The Balkan temperament meets the effervescence of Sicily, two different but complementing roots that create a middle ground where great architecture is the only possible outcome. Thanks to her luxury retail project management experience, Beatrice sees the future as a people-friendly place and a source of inspiration that can lead to a variety of shapes. Just like her, the home and work spaces she creates must lighten up the mood and make people want to return. With plenty of curiosity and passion for art, including culinary art, Beatrice shares with Cosmic Latte the desire to implement a “factory of ideas” that builds a fair world, where architecture is a mental and physical space with unlimited free movement and deep connection with nature.

Two different cultures come together in you. How do your Italian and international roots become an asset for design?

In architecture, cultural syncretism represents an opportunity for uniqueness but also a great way to avoid homologation. In my case, the Sicilian and Balkan mix translated into a desire for lightness. Just like Calvino would lighten his texts so as not to weigh down the structure, I try to create an ideally light and balanced space, which ultimately benefits everyday life.

The ideal space is…

I like to think of it as a middle ground. I have project management experience, especially in luxury retail, however, home spaces are special, as they must be a source of inspiration and possibly people-friendly. A “wind down” space where people are happy to return and give free rain to their passions – in my case, cooking – or work peacefully.

How would you define the Cosmic Latte studio?

A factory of ideas that contribute to the creation of a fair world in which architecture, including interiors, is seen as a mental and physical space where people can move freely and in connection with nature. More than ever before, the word “building” needs a new and broader meaning: architecture must not represent itself, but also the heterogeneity of society, the freedom of ideas and the beauty of a meeting point between different identities. Just like us, it is a fascinating cosmos that is yet to be discovered.