Cosmic Latte is an architectural and interior design firm specializing in the housing, hospitality and retail sectors. Our strength is our combination of personalities, international experiences and marked creativity, which are key elements for a personal and unconventional approach to architecture.


Beatrice Cacialli was born in Florence in 1988. After a brief experience at the MAP Architecture and Planning studio (Hong Kong), she moved to the Netherlands where she worked for Noa Verhofstadt as a set designer/dresser. Fascinated by the concept of entropy, Beatrice has fully embraced the re-balancing force of teamwork. In Cosmic Latte, she is the expert in materials, which she uses as a source of inspiration. An investigation method that allows her to carefully supervise all the design phases. Those who enter Beatrice Cacialli’s orbit will be guaranteed perfect results, with plenty of research but also the right business partners… Great listening skills but also tenacity in defending the values she considers paramount to creating sustainable housing, great urban solutions and regeneration of the environment.

Where do the idea and drive to put together an all-female architecture studio come from?

I wouldn’t make this about gender, I’d say that listening has a lot to do with it. Being part of (or simply collaborating with) a team means being willing to listen and see things from a different point of view. The union of these perspectives creates a powerful vision, as it brings together experiences and personal sensibilities. It’s a way to grow without losing sight of the bigger picture. We are meant to be together, if we stay alone, we end up revolving only around ourselves.

What do you bring to Cosmic Latte?

No doubt, my passion for the “matter” that constitutes architectural works. I am fascinated by the way each material shapes itself under the impulse of an idea, presenting its specificities and perhaps revealing aspects that were never considered before. My open attitude to exploration and observation, as well as my careful scrutiny of all details. I believe this is a sort of guarantee for clients, as they seek results but also a deep understanding of all the elements that make up the entire project.

What are your most significant experiences?

After a brief experience in Hong Kong, at the MAP Architecture and Planning Studio, I moved to the Netherlands where I worked for Noa Verhofstadt as a set designer/dresser. Distant yet complementary experiences that helped me hone in on the destination of my journey. And today I’m exactly where I wanted to be. We are fortunate to be involved in something that has excellent international potential, and Florence is both a great base and an ideal starting point.